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Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshop

Learn mind-body techniques to reduce anxiety before surgery, use less pain medication, heal faster. This one hour, individual workshop follows Peggy Huddleston's Five Steps to Prepare for Surgery concept.

Includes the book Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster and its companion CD or MP3.

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Shamanic Clearing

Working from a distance, Erica uses reiki and Shamanic practices to bring you healing energy, and support with issues you may be experiencing. Provided remotely, clearing can be focused on your office or workspace, space in your home, or towards a medical space and medical tools if you are preparing for surgery. Each individual also typically receives an animal guide to accompany them during surgery.

Body Intuitive Party

Planning a party or event with a holistic twist? Add a Body Intuitive Party to your agenda! This offering provides bodywork readings for up to 8 people. Each person receives a 10 minute bodywork/reiki session, followed by a 5 minute assessment  to discuss findings. Service is provided in a relaxing environment, attendees are fully-clothed. 

2 hour minimum reservation.

Chair Massages

On-site chair massages. Your choice of a massage chair or table for the event. Oil diffuser and spa-like music are both included to help create a relaxing experience in any environment.


3 hour minimum reservation.


Price per hour includes locations within a 30-minute radius of Brookfield, WI. If location is outside of that radius, mileage will be charged in addition to the hourly rate.

Interested in one of the above services? Complete the below form to contact Erica for more details, availability and pricing.

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