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1. How long does a session last?

Sessions range from 60 minute to 90 minute body or energywork treatments, followed by 30 minutes of coaching. During the initial visit, the session will be slightly longer (up to 30 minutes in additional time) in order for us to discuss your specific needs as identified on your intake form. Each session is very individual and is subject to change based on each person.

2. What will my session be like?

Each session is very individual experience and could vary from session to session. We will begin with a discussion of what your needs are and then move on to either massage, reiki/energy work, or reflexology. After your session, we will have time to discuss what came up in the session and how to be move forward after the session. During the session you may experience any or none of the following: sleeping, snoring, crying, laughing, tingling, warmth, buzzing, stomach gurgling, or coolness. Every session is potentially different. Your nervous system changes from moment to moment based on what your are feeling emotionally, mentally and physically. Our work together has the potential to shift your nervous system and thereby making what you are feeling unique with every session.

3. Intake Form

Please click here to download the intake form to complete prior to your first session. I have forms in the office if you are unable to complete it prior to your appointment.

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