Have you lost focus on yourself?


Are you feeling unbalanced from always putting others first?


The selflove2019 program focuses on providing yourself with nourishment and love - from the inside out.


Bring the love back to yourself. Kicking off on January 7, 2019, this 30-day program takes you on a wellness journey - from fueling your body with essential nutrients to supporting your emotional and spiritual paths.


Do you struggle with eating foods that feed your emotions rather than your soul?


Find balance and an appreciation for food that fuels your body and can reduce inflammation and irritation. A 30-day meal plan, preparation schedule and food journal are included in the selflove2019 program.


Know it's time for a change but lack a support system?


We've got you. This small-group program (limited to 30 participants) is structured to provide a safe, supportive environment for all participants. With an emotional journal, weekly messages from Erica and access to a private Facebook group, you can plan to succeed!


Concerned about what happens after the 30 days?


We will work to put a plan into place that you can continue to follow after your 30 day program concludes. And, you'll have a group of amazing, like-minded, individuals you can reach out to at any time for support through the private Facebook group!

What's included?

-Four weeks of programming centered around your health and wellness


-30-day meal plan and prep schedule

-Emotional journal

-Food journal

-Weekly lessons from Erica

-Access to the private Facebook group starts in December

-Facebook Live from Erica every week in December to help you prepare during the holiday season

Ready to invest in yourself?


Program start date: January 7, 2019

Full, 30-day program: $299


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