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A Perfect Morning Moment

The bedroom was uncomfortably warm last night with the dry fall air, so I cracked my bedroom window to cool things off. The sounds of dogs barking, screeching of tires, a whir of sirens in the distance soon became a distant thought as I drifted to sleep.

Allowing the “what is” vs. fighting the “what it’s not” has become a standard practice. Literally a game changer for me.

I learned a few years back that the more I wanted something to be and resisted what already was, the more frustrated I became, literally fighting a losing battle 100% of the time. It was like wanting the moon to come up at noon. It’s just not gonna happen. Ever.

Instead, I’ve come to find great joy in showing up with what is happening and letting it. No judgement. Screeching tires outside - Ok. Looks like there are people with extra energy moving about late in the evening. Barking dogs late - Ok. Dogs bark. They’re dogs. Siren’s whirring off in the distance - thank God for EMT’s and support to help someone injured and thank God I’m safe in my house readying myself for bed. How blessed I am.

To be in observance of “what is” sounds so simple. And it is.

When the mind jumps in and “helps,” we go from simple to drama. I’m offering there is an opportunity to practice simple.

Show up. Observe. Be.


The light breeze that’s blowing in my window is nothing short of Divine amazingness. The temperature is cooling and invigorating. It’s like a new breath. It’s like a drink of water when you are thirsty. I’m showing up to the moment. I’m observing how my mind and body feel with the simplest thing like a light breeze. I’m with it. I’m in it.



Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio

Erica Hodgson, LMT is a licensed massage therapist with a passion for touching lives, opening minds and supporting hearts. Her deep love of being human brings her the most Divine experiences in her daily life. She loves to share those experiences from the heart allowing others to be in witness of all that is.

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